Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery S4 74AH 12V

This Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery S4 74AH 12V are only used to start up machines.TheBosch Automotive and Starter Battery 74AH has an increased starting power so that the heavy engines can be started in a easy way.


 66,000.00  70,000.00

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  • First-class Bosch quality for different requirements and vehicle types – this is what distinguishes the Bosch S4 74Ah  batteries
  • Power Frame Technology: Panted punching process for optimal current flow, less corrosion and a long service life
  • Maximum safety  backfire protection, which protects the battery from sparks even during transport and inclined positions
  • No acid leakage,and it has sealed battery cover construction.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to transport within and outside
  • Immediately ready for installation, filled and charge


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