Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery S4 62AH 12V

This Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery S4 62AH 12V are only used to start up car engines.These batteries are therefore only used to occasionally deliver a very large capacity. Starter batteries have relatively many and thin lead plates, which allows them to supply these larger currents for a short time.


 56,000.00  60,000.00

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  • Excellent starting power: optimized current flow of patented PowerFrame grid
  • Improved service life: low corrosion of patented PowerFrame grid
  • Improved starting power and reliable energy supply: higher performance than equivalent S4 battery of the same size
  • Absolutely maintenance-free battery: reduced water consumption due to double lid with labyrinth design which returns condensed water to the battery
  • High safety: double backfire protection and integrated central degassing
  • Adapted to recent and premium vehicles without Start & Stop system
  • Please use the vehicle identification to confirm compatibility with your vehicle. All restrictions must be observed. 


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