Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T5 180AH 12V

Bosch Automotive and Starter Battery T5 145AH 12V are only used to start up vehichle Engines,The starter battery is characterized by having a greater starting power compared to other batteries. These batteries are therefore only used to occasionally deliver a very large capacity. Starter batteries have relatively many and thin lead plates, which allows them to supply these larger currents for a short time.


 13,000.00  140,000.00

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  • Bosch batteries provide a power supply that ensures the necessary high performance, safety and correct power for any task.
  • is 100% maintenance-free: once mounted, the battery is ready for use, so you do not have to worry about it.
  • This battery has optimal starting power with excellent service life.
  • Its longevity allows a service life up to twice as long as a standard battery.
  • It is compatible for all types of vehicles not equipped with the Start & Stop system.


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